The way to my stomach… oh and uh, heart too

I promise when I’m not absolutely and completly exhausted I will post something about food… but for the mean time here’s a few things I appreciate.. ALOT

Vodka. The good stuff… although the cheap stuff is a good mixer
Coffee. Again the good stuff. None of this American shit. The good hard Italian espressos, macchiatos, and mochas.
Pasta. Literally in any sauce. Alfredo, Marinara, Burgundy Wine… all of it.
Bacon. The good thick kind. The expensive kind that weighs ALOT.
Choice cuts of Steak. Nothing like biting into a perfectly marbled steak.
Cheesecake. The REAL kind.
Chocolate. Preferrably by Lindt, but when crisis arises, any will suffice.
Rally Burgers in Hanford California… not the greatest location but OH My! The burgers, the bacon, the perfect amount of processed cheese and tons of salt. It’s a heart attack in every bite, but delicious in every sense.
In N Out. Enough said. Nothing like good fresh burgers.
Chick Fil A. Best chicken nuggets ever. Criss-Cut fries. Milk shakes that make you gain 10 pounds, but worth every delicious moment.
Macaroni and Cheese. I’m a snob for my gourmet mac and cheese, always looking for new bacon, crackers, cheeses to add, but sometimes nothing beats the stuff from childhood in the blue box. Hey I’m in college, give me a break!