“Yet if women a…

“Yet if women are so flighty, fickle, changeable, susceptible, and inconstant (as some clerks would have us believe), why is it that their suitors have to resort to such trickery to have their way with them? And why don’t women quickly succumb to them, without the need for all this skill and ingenuity in conquering them? For there is no need to go to war for a castle that is already captured. (…)

Therefore, since it is necessary to call on such skill, ingenuity, and effort in order to seduce a woman, whether of high or humble birth, the logical conclusion to draw is that women are by no means as fickle as some men claim, or as easily influenced in their behaviour. And if anyone tells me that books are full of women like these, it is this very reply, frequently given, which causes me to complain. My response is that women did not write these books nor include the material which attacks them and their morals. Those who plead their cause in the absence of an opponent can invent to their heart’s content, can pontificate without taking into account the opposite point of view and keep the best arguments for themselves, for aggressors are always quick to attack those who have no means of defence. But if women had written these books, I know full well the subject would have been handled differently. They know that they stand wrongfully accused, and that the cake has not been divided up equally, for the strongest take the lion’s share, and the one who does the sharing out keeps the biggest portion for himself.”

Christine de Pizan, Der Sendbrief vom Liebesgott / The Letter of the God of Love


Things I thought about during my flight

My flight attendant looks like Steve and I so desperately want to ask him if he’s an appliance and demand the curtain be open because it’s the 90’s and its part of our civil rights.
My weird Asian coke tastes weird.
Charlie is boring to travel with.
Why doesn’t this plane have Wi-Fi?
Frankenweenie is a weird movie.
I really wish I hadn’t forgotten my headphones.
This airline is sucky compared to the last one we travelled on.
It is nearly impossible to type on a kindle fire without wanting to shoot yourself.
Charles is a big fat know it all.
This plane is freezing.
Charlie is being emo. But it’s kind of entertaining.

Why Finals are Counterproductive

Final Exams.

Probably one of the stupidest things that exist in life. It’s sadistic, and stupid.

As college students we need to look at why these damned things even exist. A whole week exists in our lives where we are forced to study, stay up all night, stress out, rely on enormous amounts of caffeine, and unfortunately for some, stoop to the level of taking perscription drugs in order to concentrate or get things done.

And what do final exams teach us? Nothing.

They teach us that our grades define who we are. They teach us that we need to cram our heads with temporary information to get a mark that defines who we are for the rest of our lives.

We are not defined by our grades. We are not a number. When our time comes to go to heaven, we are not let in based on whether or not we got an A on our Economics final or not. God isn’t going to say that we’re not “allowed” in heaven because we didn’t do well on a final exam.

So all I have to say is, EFFFF Finals!

I am worth it. Jesus has done more than enough to prove that…

I have had a rough few days. No, let’s edit that.  I have had a few VERY ROUGH days.

My soon to be sister in law has taken it upon herself to get involved in mine and fiance’s business, and has not made life enjoyable for me the past few days. She has done everything from blame me to spending all of Charlies’ money to question my motives in being with him. And let me say, it has taken a HECK of a lot of prayers to keep from yelling at her. So I’ve cried instead. And I’ve prayed. Because she is not worth it. She is of no value to my life.

I struggle daily with worrying about what really is worth it in life. Is it worth it to stress about that paper you know is going to get done? Who cares if you can get it done now or if it takes all night. It will get done. So get some coffee or Coke and breathe.

Read the Bible. That has been the best therapy. Reading the greatest love story ever told. Knowing that I am worth it. I am beautiful and strong and lovely and Jesus died to know me. I am strong and capable.

It doesn’t matter what she thinks of me. I don’t care. I know that I am loved by not only the greatest fiance in the world, but by the King of the Universe. And that is more than good enough for me.

Sometimes it takes a lot to know that you can make peace with yourself, especially in the middle of writing papers and still trying to be a responsible adult. But when life gets rough I know that I have a Savior who will comfort and protect me. He will help me get through it all.

Blessings, E

About me

I am attempting to write yet ANOTHER blog. Hopefully this one will not end like my other attempts, because let’s face it,  I am running out of email addresses to use.

I am Emery. I am a Junior at Azusa Pacific University. I am studying Sociology and Political Science, but food will always be my first love. After graduation I hope to attend the Culinary Institute of America and further my expertise in all things food.

I am engaged to my love Charles. He is a Corpsman currently serving our country in the U.S Navy. He is wonderful. There are literally no words to describe him. He is my better half, my heart, my everything.

This blog is food, love, and the life of being a college student in a long distance military relationship.

“In love with love.”