I am worth it. Jesus has done more than enough to prove that…

I have had a rough few days. No, let’s edit that.  I have had a few VERY ROUGH days.

My soon to be sister in law has taken it upon herself to get involved in mine and fiance’s business, and has not made life enjoyable for me the past few days. She has done everything from blame me to spending all of Charlies’ money to question my motives in being with him. And let me say, it has taken a HECK of a lot of prayers to keep from yelling at her. So I’ve cried instead. And I’ve prayed. Because she is not worth it. She is of no value to my life.

I struggle daily with worrying about what really is worth it in life. Is it worth it to stress about that paper you know is going to get done? Who cares if you can get it done now or if it takes all night. It will get done. So get some coffee or Coke and breathe.

Read the Bible. That has been the best therapy. Reading the greatest love story ever told. Knowing that I am worth it. I am beautiful and strong and lovely and Jesus died to know me. I am strong and capable.

It doesn’t matter what she thinks of me. I don’t care. I know that I am loved by not only the greatest fiance in the world, but by the King of the Universe. And that is more than good enough for me.

Sometimes it takes a lot to know that you can make peace with yourself, especially in the middle of writing papers and still trying to be a responsible adult. But when life gets rough I know that I have a Savior who will comfort and protect me. He will help me get through it all.

Blessings, E


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